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American Bounty

My family lives in southern Carroll County, Maryland on the border with Howard County, Maryland. Howard County, Maryland is the third richest county in the United States with a median household income of $108,844 (Sawe, 2016). We are at the heart of the most educated, highest income Combined Statistical Area in the U.S (The Brookings Institution, 2016). The Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area has six of the top ten highest income counties in America (United States Census Bureau, 2013).

For all this prosperity, one in every eight households in Carroll County has gone hungry in a recent year (Kelvey, 2014), 10,140 people in Carroll County are food insecure (Gundersen, 2016). My wife is a United Methodist Minister and her church, Morgan Chapel United Methodist Church, feeds 125 families a month from a congregation of 40. In the face of such need, I find it striking that there are six supermarkets within a two-mile radius of my home.

In the face of such need in my county, I chose to document the bounty that is available to the residents of my neighborhood. We live amid an embarrassment of choices; the shelves seemingly stretch endlessly with plenty. Fruits, vegetables, meats, hot sauces, cakes, pastries, drugs, cosmetics, soda, and frozen foods.
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