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Feed the body, not the soul.

American Temples: late-night fast food in America. The prints from this collection combine my passions for architectural photography and night photography with the necessity of eating out, dictated by a hectic schedule. Shot by available light, I confront my subjects head-on. Shot up close, with very short lenses, the journalistic style captures the glaring light of stark reality. The restaurants share so much in common: red neon, sharp angles, and glowing interiors. The red neon evokes strong emotions of love, warmth and comfort. Red stimulates the mind and body, increasing heart rate, respiration and appetite. Their gleaming tile and plastic surfaces hint at what some call plastic food, served up with plastic toys. They are highly processed environments for consuming highly processed food. The buildings resemble places of worship—the mission style of Popeye’s and Taco Bell, the Mayan style roofs of McDonald’s and Pizza Hut, and the flying buttresses of McDonald’s “Golden Arches”. What is the sacrifice on the altars of these American fast food temples?
American Temples - Home of the WhopperAmerican Temples - Waffle HouseAmerican Temples - An American OriginalAmerican Temples - DQAmerican Temples - KFCAmerican Temples - McDonald'sAmereican Temples - PlayplaceAmerican Temples - McDonald's 21st CenturyAmerican Temples - Arby'sAmerican Temples - Taco BellAmerican Temples - Wendy's, 1982American Temples - Wendy'sAmerican Temples - CheckersAmerican Temples - Glory Days Grill