Daniel Humphries-Russ is an award-winning photographer residing in Carroll County, Maryland. Daniel creates original limited edition archival pigment prints combining traditional techniques and current digital technology. In the past year, he has exhibited at such diverse venues as the Howard County Center for the Arts, Carroll Arts Center, The Saville Gallery in Cumberland, MD and the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church. Daniel is also an adjunct faculty member at Carroll Community College.

Daniel grew up with Life, Look and National Geographic. He learned from the masters of photography: he learned the Zone System from Ansel Adams, point-of-view from Margaret Bourke-White, and The Decisive Moment from Henri Cartier-Bresson. He produced annual reports and marketing materials for Fortune 500 companies as master printmaker and darkroom manager for Allied Photo Industries. He covered news and events for the Pittsburgh Press.

Capturing images exclusively on film for over 20 years, he sought the finest grain negatives and sharpest prints possible working handheld with available light in black and white. He developed his own film and produced his own gelatin silver prints to ensure the image quality, tonal range and archival qualities of his film and prints. He developed a style of composing in the viewfinder that enabled printing the image “full frame”, ensuring the least visible grain in his prints, using the high-speed films of the day.

Daniel began working with digital images in 1994. Working with images captured on film and converted to digital files, he began the process of “developing” digital images in concert with traditional film images. He committed to only digital processes in 2008. His digital SLR camera was capable of using his existing film lenses and, since digital imaging is natively a color process, he began exploring the world of color. In 2010, higher resolution cameras and fractal resampling of digital images to larger sizes and higher resolution enabled him to print images as large as 40 x 60 inches.

Daniel focuses on human creation. Our built environment, our 
technology, and our art reveal the divine spark, the spark of creation, in all of us. Sacred and secular, residential and industrial, handcrafted and manufactured, our structures, spaces, what we put in them, and in the garage, form our lives and reveal much of whom we are.